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At this unique point in time we are experiencing a crisis of consciousnes upon humanity.
A Pandora's Box of issues has been opened - plaguing our society.
 The family unit is under threat. Sickness and disease are rampant and our young ones are, for the first time, predicted to be outlived by their parents - unsure and divided more than ever before.
In the later part of the 90's, cartoonist Grant Tulloch experienced the deep loss of family-centered connection with his three children due to divorce.

Subsequently Grant was inspired to use his talents to formulate a new perspective in self empowerment. He created a framework of understanding that reveals the lies and that unfortunately promote bullying and victim behaviour.

 Grant presents a simple formula which allows access to ones true potential via a new and revolutionary anti-bullying program.

Any family or school that takes these matters seriously can now discover Anudder World of new solutions to old problems.