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This Anti-Bullying Emotional Intelligence Program engages individuals in the reality of their personal me-related needs first, in their family and peer herd.

By recognising how the 'me' naturally promotes limitation and division, one can learn to see from outside its influence via the program. The above perspective is beyond the 'me' and therefore outside the problem.

This provides a window beyond patterns that otherwise repeat self limiting behaviours like bullying. Alive in the question, students can realise the value of seeing from a more aware perspective.

Parents and Teachers learn to see their own conditioning and develop new, insightful ways toward new solutions and support young ones as they discover theirs. No one is the authority as we are all equal in this opportunity to explore using the framework provided.

AnUdder World is here. New Vision - New Future.

In this cartoon skit, the Wise Bull reflects how many fathers are absent from their childrens lives and the unseen dangers arising from this that are usually not realised until adulthood.

AnUdderWorld helps young people and adults explore 'who they truly are'. Students and parents are encouraged and supported to go beyond the unproductive beliefs that no longer serve them.

Families or individuals that ignore this reality are usually doing well, for the moment, as they see no reason to change. This program is only helpful to those who acknowledge the need for change.

The art of parenting is easily compromised by the conflicts within our own personal experience whereby the 'me' lives through its own false sense of security, still thinking and choosing through old conditioned beliefs.

In this cartoon, Guru went beyond the farm, relating to the way the 'me' influences all our perceptions, which is the known. Beyond our addiction to the known, a new opportunity of seeing can shine through.

The 'me' never really changes. All its actions are limited by its conditioned view. By seeing this, a new vision from the above perpective provides a totally new way of seeing old problems.

By seeing the dualistic nature of the self, an opportunity for clear vision arises.

 AnUdder World of new possibilities can be yours.